2.1 Abstract

Visualising shared decision making; a plenary session

ISPOG-congress, The Hague, 2019; Prof.dr Harry BM van de Wiel & Roelof Kammenga, MGM. University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands


One of the main characteristics of the 21th century is growing importance and access to decision making on all levels of health care, e.g.

It’s the quality of these decisions which to a large extend determines the quality of our health care and, on an individual level the quality of our lives.




The combination of technology push, the explosion of scientific knowledge, value based health care and personal medicine makes shared decision causing a growing overload of our human working memory, which was designed to evaluate six, plus or minus one bits of information.





If available Big Data can contribute to optimize the process of shared decision making.  Another option is to aim for super intelligent professionals, like world champion chess players, who are trained to ‘exceed’ the limitations of normal working memory capacity. However, this kind of resources are not always present so therefore we elaborated on the combination of two more old fashioned mechanisms:  


The Visual Decision Support methodology consists of the combination of:




Based on some pilot studies and our experiences of the last two years, we will show how VDS can be used on the above mentioned domains in health care. After a plenary introduction participants are invited to experience working with this tool themselves. The entire process, what happens on and around the table will be showed on a large screen to the audience.