x. Coping

Research reveals that, regardless of the nature of the problems encountered, it is chiefly the way in which the patient and his or her partner address those problems which does most to determine their level of sexual satisfaction.
 The same research also showed that both the views on sexuality and on the way how to cope with (sexual) problems differs between men and women. Most women would prefer to talk about existing problems, while it seems that most men favor the ‘actions not words’ approach. This difference is particularly pertinent when facing problems of a sexual nature. After all, many women state that their sexual problems are at least partially due to a lack of good communication. Their basic message is: if you ignore me in the living room, I’m going to ignore you in the bedroom! Where attempts to resolve this problem also lack the required degree of communication, the result is entirely predictable. In this situation it is advisable to seek professional help. Unsurprisingly, doing so greatly enhances the likelihood of a positive outcome.