1.2 Gynecology

Within the cluster of Gynecology a number of typical patient problems can be identified, such as:

  1. A young woman asking for labia reduction surgery (Handling a request for female genital cosmetic surgery)
  2. A skinny woman without menses (Eating disorders in obstetrics and gynaecology)
  3. A woman with premenstrual mood swings (PMS)
  4. A woman complaining from pelvic pain for years (Chronic Pelvic Pain, also involving transcultural aspects) 
  5. A woman who has been circumcised (Female Genital Mutilation and transcultural aspects) 
  6. A woman with stress incontinence (Urogenital complaints and psychosexual consequences) 
  7. A woman with hot flushes and sleepnessness (menopausal complaints)